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5 Rules To Formatting Your Article

Formatting an article is not always easy but there are a few elements to remember that can make a difference. A properly formatted article can encourage more people to read your content. It contributes to overall presentation and makes the article easy to read. Readers become engaged in the content and they want to know more information. Having a sufficient amount of space between paragraphs can be easy on the eyes, but other aspects related to formatting can help your article gain more readership. The following rules can help simplify the formatting process for your article.

  1. Have good spacing between paragraphs. If your paragraphs are written too large they can overwhelm readers. It helps to break them up and have 3 to 5 sentences that make up your paragraph. You can have a space appear between each paragraph to make them easier on the eyes.
  2. Headings can break up your article into easy to read concepts. If your article is longer than 400 words it helps to have subheadings that appear before a paragraph of text. You may have two or three depending on the length of the article. This helps readers follow your content with clarity and keeps details organized.
  3. Use a list when necessary instead of commas. When you have a sufficient amount of information to share it makes it easier for readers to follow and distinguish their meanings. Using commas may not help create the white space you need when sharing multiple elements or a list of items. List examples include using numbered lists and bullet lists.
  4. Keep your text clean and easy to read; meaning, try not to format your text too much. This includes underlining, italicizing, or bold facing words and phrases. You can do this when you want to emphasis a point, but doing this too often can make it harder on the eyes while reading.
  5. The use of all caps should be kept to a minimum. Just like with formatting words, this option should be used in moderation or when you want to emphasize a point. Sometimes content viewed online in all uppercase letters does not seem appealing to readers or it just does not translate to the proper tone.

You may also want to consider the type of word processing program you use as it can affect how your article is formatted when it is completed.