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Essay Writing Secrets for High School Students: How to Make a Paragraph

Very rarely do students sit down and investigate what makes up a paragraph. Usually students just start writing and when they are finished, they deem the paragraph to be finished. A paragraph needs to be well thought-out before you ever start writing.

The truth is that is a person takes their time deciding what will go in a paragraph before they write the paragraph; the entire process will go much quicker. Additionally, the paper will be better due to the planning.

There are a few nice tips for helping with this process of preparing and planning a paragraph.


  • Pick a topic you like
  • Work in segments
  • Have a dedicated workspace
  • Always finish before the deadline (set the date son your schedule earlier than when actually due as a precaution)
  • Research
  • Proof read
  • Have a peer to proof the paper
  • Follow all instructions
  • Use the tips below to help you construct your paragraphs

Paragraph Tips

  • Have a main point in each paragraph
  • Have an introductory sentence in each paragraph
  • Have three main supports or more to support your main idea
  • Include your thought as additional support of the main idea
  • Do not count the sentences, a complete sentence has nothing to do with the amount of sentences in it
  • Have one quote as a support
  • Always cite your sources
  • Line up your ideas by strong, weak, strong-always start and end strong
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors
  • Vary the sentence style
  • Use clauses and phrases
  • Be creative
  • Look for a different approach
  • Make sure to use transitions from paragraph to paragraph
  • Write it, proof it, and then rewrite it
  • If it does not flow properly, consider changing the order of the sentences in the paragraph
  • Change out old and overused vocabulary words
  • Always use formal language

Having a paragraph plan before writing your essay will allow you to write your best possible paragraph. Do not just dive into your paper, but approach it with a system. You may not like this system and checklist, but have one of your own, and that is fine. Any system for writing preparation is better than no system.

Planning ahead will show in the end effort. The paragraph will flow smoothly from sentence to sentence and then the paragraphs will flow nicely as well. The end result will be a well-written paper.