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Interesting Ideas for Cause and Effect Essay

Have you ever stumped on the task of choosing a topic idea for your cause and effect essay assignment? The key to choosing a topic is to write about something that you are passionate about. You are more likely to produce a high quality essay if the topic concerns, intrigues, or interests you. If you still need topic suggestions, below is a list of sample topic ideas that you can borrow away.

  • Topic 1: The causes and effects of cheating behaviors. Cheating behavior is a serious problem for most of the schools. When writing a cause and effect essay on cheating, you will be discussing the reasons why some students cheat, what effects may be caused on their future or the general society. In order to gather resources, you can post the question “Do you ever cheat for a class assignment or test?” on a message board and ask for anonymous quotes and responses.
  • Topic 2: The causes and effects of bullying behaviors. Bullying is a serious topic. When working on this topic, you can discuss some theories and list some effects such as poor grades, depression, and more. You can also gather more information by posting a question on a discussion board.
  • Topic 3: What are the causes and effects of divorce? Divorce is a very common topic for a cause and effect essay. Usually, the causes may include abuse, infidelity, etc. When discussing the effects, you can list some effects on the divorcees, the children and the general society. Especially if you are from a divorced family, this will make a great topic.
  • Topic 4: The causes and effects of texting during driving. Texting while driving is taken as a very serious issue and can become tragic in some cases. The causes can include poor driving decision making, tardiness, the fast paced society, etc. The effects of texting while driving include tragic car accidents, fatalities, and more. To gather more information, you can search with some related keywords to find articles sourced on the internet.
  • Topic 5: The causes and effects of eating disorders. Anorexia and bulimia are serious disorders which may cause tragic effects for the lives of a lot of teens. You can find a great deal of information at the library or online. Anything from brain chemical imbalance to Barbie Dolls can be discussed as the causes. Some of the effects include: serious health problems, infertility, negative effects on the families, etc.