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How To Brainstorm New Topics For Your School Essays

Finding topics is one of the hardest things to do for some students. Once they have their topic, the research and writing parts are a breeze. What can you do if you’re just stuck on finding a topic and can’t progress for your essay? You can always look online for ideas, but some suggestions won’t work for your particular class or essay guidelines. Here is a list of ways you can look for ideas that aren’t what you’d normally think of.

Go to the library in a section related to your class and scan the spines of the books. Instead of looking up a topic on the library computers to find books, just go along and see if anything catches your eye. You can find out about new subtopics you’ve never heard of this way.

Talk to a professional working in their field. If you can get an interview with a biologist or historian or another person, you can ask them anything about their job and get quotes for your paper. This is a great way to find a topic that interests you as well as do research at the same time!

Look online at sites that are hosted by universities or organizations based on some ideas. You can even find governments that have whole websites about historical events and local interest.

Ask your teacher or classmates what topics they’re doing/have been done in the past. You can get ideas from successful essays from this class in past years. If you really love a topic idea one of your friends is doing, it’s okay to do the same topic as they are. Since you are a unique person, your research methods and approach to writing will be different than theirs.

How to Write a Great Essay

After choosing your topic, it’s time to do the research and the writing. If you start with a topic that you really love, it’ll help build a strong foundation for the rest of your essay. Writing an outline is easy to do and will save you a lot of time for writing. Simply do your research and then break up the essay into sections. Put the quotes and sources you’ve found into your document where you want them to appear in the final essay. Once you’ve got that done, write a brief summary of what needs to be said about each section.