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Impacts of Tourism Development

The indelible sustainability of tourism depends on the ability of business leaders and tourism experts to efficiently and effectively maximize its benefits while at the same time minimizing its costs. The tourism industry is one of the largest industries in the globe. This paper seeks to address some of the negative and positive impacts of tourism development.

Economically, tourism development creates employment opportunities while improving the local economy. Revenue from lodging taxes and property taxes has increased within the major tourist locations over the years. Governments are able to raise additional tax revenues from the income generated by this sector. It creates and induces new business opportunities for locals as well as advance a better transport and public utility infrastructure. However, the cost of living and prices of essential goods and services, land and housing near tourist establishments have increased considerably. Foreign owners of these companies export the profits made to their native countries.

Areas with valuable natural resources such as mountains, wildlife and impeccable scenic beauty are preserved and protected from ecological deterioration. The revenue generated from tourism is used in the restoration, repair and improvement of historical artifacts, monuments and buildings.  National attitude is heightened as there is great pride and appreciation of local resources. The environment can be degraded by an increasing number of visitors to such exotic locations. Poor waste management and various forms of pollution by tourists can jeopardize the wellness of a particular environment. A frequent flow of visitors may agitate wildlife by changing their natural behaviors.

Interactions with tourists promote social and cultural exchange which improves the quality of life of the residents in these settings. Through sharing of experiences, information and knowledge, the local communities are able to broaden their horizon and increase intuitiveness, appreciate and understand their differences in lifestyle. There is a darker side to tourism. Increase in crime, drug abuse and prostitution have been reported in most neighborhoods where tourism thrives. People engage in excessive drinking and gambling as a way of having fun. Residents have also been displaced to give space for development projects of tourism development.

Tourism development does more good than harm for most economies across the world. Channeling of tourism development towards the local needs of communities can help build a sustainable industry. The local people have the skills and manpower for the successful development of this industry.