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Successful Scholarship Essay Prompts

It’s an important and rewarding step of your life to attend college, but paying for it is a different story. The alternative option is to take the initiative of searching out for scholarship funds. After finding out where to apply for a scholarship, you need to prepare a quality application package and pay special attention to your essay prompt.

Most of the time, a scholarship application requires you to submit an essay and address specific topics. Think of your scholarship essay as your opportunity to share information, to shine, to paint a picture of your dreams, goals and aspirations for the Scholarship Committee. Follow the guidelines below for your essay to stand out among others:

  • Make sure you have met the eligibility requirements. These include: average grade point, ethnic background, program of study, etc. Otherwise it doesn’t matter how good your essay is, you still won’t be accepted.
  • Start Early. Allow yourself to have enough time to thoroughly prepare for the essay. Recall any experience you have had, including work experience, community service or extracurricular activities you were involved with.
  • Know all the instructions. Before beginning your application process, you should pay attention to details of the essay guidelines. Make a photocopy for the blank application form before you start writing.
  • Answer the questions thoroughly. The essay might be the only chance you got to let the Scholarship Committee know what kind of person you are, so make sure you cover all the important details while answering the questions.
  • Use a concise and clear manner to respond to the questions, but don’t sound boring or dull. In order to give the reader a mental picture about who you are, you can use action words to help. See it from their angle and ask yourself if the essay merits a scholarship award.
  • Be honest. In order for your essay to be convincing, you can make attempts to verify the information provided.
  • Use a positive tone for your essay. Explain what you plan to do with the scholarship if given one. Show the Scholarship Committee that the funds will be put into good use.
  • Spell check! This could make or break an essay.
  • Presentation of your essay is important. Present your essay in a neat way to make it easy for the Scholarship Committee to review.
  • Get some objective proofread of your essay for the language usage and content. Ask your instructor, advisor, counselor or trusted friend to check if all the questions have been answered, if there are any grammar, spelling or punctuation errors, and what adjustments could be made for sharpening the essay.