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Plato and Kallipolis

“Beautiful city” is the English version of Kallipolis which is a Greek word used in Plato’s work Republic. His character Socrates used this term to refer to what he would call a structured society or some would refer to as a perfect world in which things would be in proper order as fair as social and interpersonal interests were concerned. There have been a few other related concepts to the word such as “just city” in which an area would be justified on certain levels socially. Plato had ideas of his on this concept and while some found them to be difficult to follow, the overall main idea was what stuck in a lot of people’s minds.

The concept of a perfect structured society or a city that is just or unjust has been researched for years. There are people that wonder how Plato came up with such a creative element, yet had ideas that seemed to clash. The concept is very similar to current society, except in many parts it is something most people still strive for; social justice or for their society to find peace among each other. Many people explored this concept by mentioning what they would do if they could change something in the world or a city to make it a better place.

Many people belief areas in economic development, politics and lack of philosophy are areas that could make a difference when people see eye to eye. It seems as if these elements is what creates tension, conflict and unjust or unrest within a city/ There are areas today that still have a considerable amount of sanctions or activities people are not allowed to engage in that could make a difference for the city and their society.

Of course, the elements just mentioned are not the only areas of concern. When Plato created Republic his ideas were not understood by most, but some try to compare society as it was then and how things are today with many feeling as if very little had changed. Many people like the idea of making a change toward improvement, but others can care less and do not want to be bothered. Republic could have been a way Plato wanted to introduce his concept for what a beautiful city could be. The concept alone speaks volumes but it seems a large amount of people still can’t hear it.