Old Pueblo Academy


“Well it was always going to happen someday” the family doctor said as he looked towards the court bench. It had been the talk of Cape Town for over 3 weeks. Every news station, press paper and radio was fighting to get a piece of the action. It was one short of the Oscar demise, but a welcomed opportunity for family, friends and even worksite discussions. Better yet a very much needed spotlight for the fading media attention on South Africa. Every day and everyone had a piece to add to the conversation.

He was particularly infamous in the Cape Town flats. Known as one of the biggest thugs and drug lord to ever grease Cape Town, he made Pablo Escobar looked like a slice of cheese cake.

He had been shot 10 times 6 weeks ago with the credits been taken by the 22’s leading to a serious coma. His family doctor had taken matters into his own hands ending his life, saying it was what he deserved” an honourable, painless death”.

Her mind had been racing all day. It had been like a soap opera re-run. He wouldn’t stop and she was at his mercy. Totally helpless in the situation she had lost all hope. She had been experiencing serious nausea lately and incessant vomiting, increased urination, hunger and fatigue…..pregnancy. She had been starved with the of occasional diet of water and stale bread. Her sole consolation the thought of her mom’s delicious pot roast with grilled potatoes and red oil.

Of course no woman has the right to go through what she was going through. But it was a cost she had to pay. Her dad had sold her for a couple of dollars. “Well-fitting” as he said. What is a sold 16 year old girl worth? Rape, abuse?. What will she do with this cruel man’s child incarnated of the devil?

Have you ever felt such pain, or see someone, a loved one in such pain? It bakes the following questions:

Who gives the law the right to bestow upon men the power to kill others? Do we have the limit as to killing only those who want to die?

When do we as humans take the rights to terminate our lives when we had no hand in our birth?