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Where can I get real help with my essay writing

If you are struggling to complete your essay, you may be in need of help.

  1. The first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with essay writing and some essay writing tips. Essays are a common form of writing that students will encounter while they are in school. Because of the frequency with which students will encounter essays, it is important to become comfortable with writing early on.
  2. Essays are a rewarding task and they can be done as homework or in class. Many students are assigned essays as homework which demands a certain amount of preparation. Essays that are well prepared for and produced confidently will go over much better than one which is poorly crafted.

    • Essays are short pieces of writing that require you, as the writer, to utilize skills such as persuasion, analysis, close reading, comparison, clarity, conciseness, and exposition. With such a long list, it is no wonder students encounter so many varieties of essays with which to hone their skills.
    • Essays are designed to encourage you to develop new ideas and concepts within your writing, and to find direction for your thoughts. Essays require clarity and concise purpose and direction. That is why it is so important to stay on task when writing.
    • An argumentative essay is a type of writing which requires you to investigate a particular topic, collect evidence related to the topic, and evaluate the evidence. You also have to established a position related to your topic in a coherent manner.
    • The argumentative essay is a common assignment, one which requires extensive research and review of published material.
  3. If that is not sufficient, then you should consider meeting with your teacher to ask any additional questions you may have about the essay task. They might be able to explain the task or requirements better.
  4. You can also turn to your school’s writing center. Many academic institutions have a comprehensive writing center designed to help students overcome writer’s block and get real help with their essay writing.
  5. If your school’s writing center is not enough, you might need to turn to a writing tutor. You can find tutors that are offered by your school, or your local community. You might find tutors at your local library. You can also find writing tutors online who have more flexible work schedules.