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Argumentative Essays on Abortion Are Hard to Write

Argumentative essays on abortion can be difficult to write, but the only thing that truly makes it difficult is the heavy lifting—the actual writing portion. The rest of essay writing process for this kind of essay is relatively easy.

All you need to do is:

  • Pick a side.
  • Research.
  • Write.

That’s it. The writing portion is a bit more complex as we stated before and we’ll get into that. Let’s start with part one:

Pick A Side

You’ll want to pick a side in the abortion debate and reflect on your views about abortion. Ask yourself a few questions and answer them.  Here are a few questions you could reflect on:

  • Why abortion is considered murder?
  • What dangers could a woman face from a pregnancy that would warrant an abortion?
  • What are the dangers of abortion?
  • What role does government play in abortion?
  • What are a woman’s rights when it comes to abortion?

The conclusions you reach and the reason why you came to these conclusions will be a bulk of your paper. This will probably be the easiest part of your argumentative essay. Just be sure to take notes of the questions and conclusions. These will be your blue prints on how to go about your essay.


Nothing really needs to be said about research. You’ll need to do it if you want a successful paper. Research isn’t difficult. You simply need to read resources, take notes of the material and pages, and use the facts in your essay. That’s the bulk of what you need to do with your research and it will go hand in hand with how you came to your conclusions.


Writing is the most difficult part of doing the argumentative essay. Here you have to put your opinion into words, cite sources, touch on the opposing side’s opinions on abortion, and so on. Included in the writing process are drafts, you will do plenty of these in the course of the essay and your academic writing career.

You’ll want to do a strong introduction for your essay as it tells where you stand on abortion and what topics you’ll go into on the subject. The closing will need to be just as strong or stronger and essentially gives a brief review and reminds the reader of your opinion on the subject and topics discussed.