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How To Create A Solid Argumentative College Essay

Argumentative essays provide plenty of challenges for college students. You need a good topic, strong supporting details, and a clear argument to present. This form of essay writing is challenging since it involves more reasoning that emotion. While being written on an issue that is trending or controversial, it works to provide proof from two sides in order to proof which one is best. The following steps provide basic insight on how to write a solid argumentative essay.

  • Select a good issue to write about. Think about something debatable such as the death penalty, abortion, gay rights or drug legalization.
  • Research your topic carefully and review both sides of the debate. You may know the side you are for, but in order to provide a solid argument you need information from both sides to help you provide your main point.
  • Develop your thesis statement. This is a concise strong sentence that tells the main purpose of your paper.
  • This may detail your argument or which side of the issue you are on. This should be clearly defined, but you can go back and redefine this once you have completed your research.
  • Write the body of your essay. This will include supporting points to your thesis. There are different ways you can present your findings but it may depend on how you support your idea. The issue can be presented from both sides and then you choose the side you are for. Or, you can give your position first and give your reasons as to why you are on this side. Then, use arguments from the opposing side to show why you disagree.
  • Revise your essay. Think about how your content would be viewed by someone who agrees and disagrees with your main idea. Your content should be convincing in encouraging the reader to see things from your side or point of view. Make sure important supporting details are correct and present a mix of details including statistics and personal experience.
  • Review important areas of your paper such as the conclusion and arguable points stated throughout the text.
  • This is where your argument comes together while making it convincing. Some of your arguable points may be things both sides agree on.
  • Reference sources and cite them correctly. You may not get proper credit if your sources are not cited. Proofread and edit before submission.