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I want somebody to write my research paper

In college, there are many instances you will become overwhelmed. While being overwhelmed, you might hear yourself yelling “I want somebody to write my research paper!” in frustration. While this is a tempting proposition to look into, it is always encouraged to write a paper yourself. While it may seem unfair and cruel, the benefits of creating the paper yourself outweigh the benefits of getting somebody else to write a paper.

If you want it done right, do it yourself!

If you want the best grade you can possibly get, having someone else do you work might be a risky move. Depending on the person you might ask, they are most likely not in the same class, and so they will not know the guidelines and parameters for the paper as well as you do. They also will not know your professor like you do and will not know what the professor expects. It is better to do the paper yourself and know it will get done the way the teacher intended.

Dangers of plagiarism

Even if you don't buy from an online agency and simply have a friend do it for you, it is still plagiarism. If said plagiarism is ever found out about, there are serious consequences. These can include: expulsion, academic probation, and failure. The friend or person who is writing the paper might use a past paper that could be recognized and you might be caught. It is safer to do your own work and not risk expulsion or probation.

Finding help is okay

There are many resources for getting help with and lessening the stress of writing a paper. A writing center at the college could help by reading your writing for you and giving suggestions to strengthen the paper. A teacher could counsel you and advise you on writing the best paper possible and a friend can always read a paper for you and give you suggestions or critique. These are all legal, valid options to consider before resorting to having someone else do you work for you.

In the end

In the end, it is always a better option to do your own work. Doing your own work provides you with a valuable learning experience that will be satisfying once a hard earned grade is obtained. It also comes without the risk of consequences from plagiarism. Asking for help is good, but having someone else do your work might not work out as well.