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How to Write a Comparison Research Paper

A comparison research paper, as its name suggests, is a type of academic paper used to make comparison between two different subjects. The comparison includes both the similarities and the differences of the two chosen topics. The basic goal of a comparison research paper is to define the two topics and then compare or contrast the common and unique factors for each topic.

In order for a comparison research paper to achieve its mission, the key is for the two chosen subjects be somewhat related to each other. You should be able to find some similarities for the topics in order to produce sound context for the paper. For instance, it’s a wise idea to compare two different books or movies, but it might be completely absurd to compare a book or movie to the concept of “traveling”.

How to Write a Comparison Research Paper?

  • Introduction. Start the introduction part of your comparison research paper by defining both of your subjects properly to give readers the full knowledge about the topics to be compared or contrasted.
  • Body. The body part of the paper should be focused on discussing the differences and similarities you identify between the two chosen topics. You can choose one of the two approaches of writing. First Approach: You can use a paragraph to mention all the information and points about the first subject, and do the same for the second subject. By using continuous format, all the positive and negative points for each subject should be included in the same paragraph. By using this approach, readers will be able to avoid gathering information about a particular subject from separate parts of the paper. Second Approach: At each single time, work on individual difference or similarity. When discussing a difference, present the fact for the first subject and then immediately contrast the fact with the corresponding fact for the second subject. By using this approach, readers are able to differentiate the points in a line by line manner, and gain great understanding from it.
  • Conclusion. In order to conclude your comparison research paper, you need to summarize all the key points for both of the topics under discussion. You could also choose to give a personal opinion that is in favor of one of the subjects.
  • Example Topic. A topic example that suites the style of a comparison research paper would be “philosophy and psychology”, since both of the subjects share have some important similarities. You can identify and inform readers about them, along with the differences for the two subjects at the same time.