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College Essay Writing Tutorial: Proving Your Points

We have all been in an argument with someone at some point in time. Maybe our stance was wrong, maybe it was not. Maybe the argument was of some importance, or not. At the end of the day we wanted to prove something to someone and convince them that our point was the one that mattered. With that being said spoken arguments may not translate well on paper After All you really can argue between two people on a single sheet of paper. It is a different kind of paper in which you have to learn how to get your point across. This isn't a shouting match. This article will focus on how to prove your points in an argumentative essay.

Utilizing facts:

The truth can hurt, but the truths you talk about need to be based simply on facts. Truth based on feelings alone make for a weak argument and will not help prove the point you want to get across. Think about it as if it was a court trial. The judge doesn't want the lawyers opinion, they want to know what actually happened, evidence that was collected, and as much factual based information on the case as possible.

Challenge the other side:

When crafting such an essay you will be asked to pick a side of an argument. While writing your essay you will often need to touch on what the other side of the issue is. It is important for you to note what baseless claims exist and to refute these claims by asking where is the proof?

Control yourself:

Passion in a topic is great when dealing with an argumentative essay. At the same time you have to be sure that your passion does not boil over, leaving behind a paper that lacks focus on the central idea. Try to keep your temper and convey your points with tact and finesse.

Paint a vivid picture:

You want the person you are arguing against, or who is reading your paper, to be able to visualize the argument. You can do this by using detailed descriptions as examples. Be sure these examples are factual in nature.

If you begin to employ all these steps when constructing an argument then you will be able to get your point across to people who are standing on the other side of the issue.