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Application essay writing guide: how to show your best

College applications can be very frustrating and stressful for students, especially when there is an essay involved. But if you keep these tips in mind, it can be much easier and you can stand a better chance at impressing the committee and winning a place in the college of your dreams.

  1. Remember to assess the topic on a deeper level and look closely at what is being said regarding your topic. In this sort of essays, there should be absolutely no generalization of any kind. You aren't being asked to talk about things on a face value or surface level- you are meant to look at the deeper meanings and write about them. There are no summarizations needed or desired when you are doing a writing assignment, especially one that is for a college application!
  2. Be certain that you stay on track and that you have personal topics and examples that can relate to your paper’s focus in a powerful way. The essay for a college application should not be a basic opinion paper or another common research paper- there needs to be something deeper and better. Remember that this is your chance to impress the committee and help them get to know you so make your paper shine.
  3. The committee is not interested in getting a paper that is nothing more than you boasting about how smart you are or rambling on about the things you accomplished in the past. They want to see how you have made a difference for others and what impact it had and how it changed you. Remember you need to analyze events in your life and respond in a way that shows you are the student they are looking for.
  4. Follow all guidelines given to you. The committee is looking for something specific in their applicants. They have set up the guidelines for the essay to help them find the perfect students for their program, so you need to make sure you follow all directions and requirements to the letter in your essay and application. Your academic future is on the line so make sure you do it right!
  5. Be honest at all times. Do not lie or exaggerate or stretch the truth in your application paper. It will do more harm than good and it can really come back to bite you down the road. Be honest and upfront and your committee will be able to see you for the kind of student you really are- the type they want in their program!