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Buying Term Paper Online Is A Crime

There are many people who feel that the act of purchasing a term paper online is a criminal act. This is because it is in line with the definition of plagiarism. Plagiarism is when one person claims another’s work as his or her own. This is illegal and is punishable in court. Many academic institutions all over the world hold plagiarism as a very serious offence. If a student is caught plagiarizing then the school reserves the right to fail the student, and even dismiss the student from the academic program. This is very serious and can leave you in a worse state than if you simply made time to write the term paper.

Many people pay for their own education; however, there are some students who have parents who are footing the bill. Either way, you are creating a situation where there is a huge waste of money occurring if you are not going to engage in the work that is assigned to you. Below is an explanation of how buying a paper online is like stealing money from others.

  • If you are not paying for your education, then you are cheating others out of the money that they are spending in your name.
  • You are not acquiring the skills necessary to earn your degree, and therefore, are paying for no gain of intellectual knowledge.
  • You are not practicing the skills taught in class, and therefore, you are wasting the professor’s time and also the money that he or she is paid to teach the class.
  • Your classmates will not be able to rely on you for projects because you are not able to understand the skills that were taught and then reinforced by the term paper, and therefore, you are wasting the other students’ money.

The implications of not participating in a term paper far outreach the inconvenience of simply making the time to write the term paper in the first place. Below are some simple tips to help you write your own term paper, so that you do not have to resort to the criminal act of buying a term paper from someone else:

  • Choose your own unique topic that is of interest to you.
  • Perform research to support your topic and find data that is relevant to your subject
  • Create a compelling thesis statement and then refine your thesis statement to be a pointed argument
  • Create an outline for your term paper so that you have a map of your argument and how you plan to support your stance
  • State your objective in the opening paragraph, or introduction
  • Provide thought provoking details that will convince your audience in the body paragraphs
  • Draw a strong conclusion
  • Choose a style of writing and stick to it
  • Eliminate any extraneous details
  • Edit, revise, and the proofread a couple of times
  • Include an eye catching title