Old Pueblo Academy

Authenticity among Philosophy

There are different theories when it comes to understanding authenticity and philosophy. In short, many researchers feel it is a means of accepting yourself for who you are. Others feel you should just be yourself and try not to be someone you are not. Then, there is the question of whether each person can really be unique and different if we share so many traits that are similar. Where is the authenticity in that? For many, the enjoy reviewing the concept in poetry and other forms of creative writing. But, there is validity in thinking of you as a different authentic individual.

One aspect includes being true to yourself. You accept the way you are and you are open to answering questions about who you are. When you are true to who you are it shows a lot about your character and you are bound to share information that makes you different. Many people feel they cannot be themselves and need to put on a front and act as someone they are not. You would lie or not tell the truth to others about the true you if you feel you could not be yourself in front of them. There are other characteristics to consider when thinking about being true with authentic intentions.

Being honest is a form of authenticity that helps others truly see the connection about you and your characteristics. Your behavior and actions you complete can say quite a bit about your authenticity. There is a form of discernment you need to establish with yourself, especially if you have been known to be dishonest in the past about yourself. For instance, you may want to work on how you handle emotions or desires when you need to make a change. Adopting this can help you exercise self-discipline while working toward being honest with others and yourself.

Being true to yourself may not be consistent as many of us would like it to be. This is okay as if you are able to point out areas that can be reinvented. You need to know how you have changed once you have taken steps to do so. This means going in a new direction away from choices considered the opposite of authentic. You will have unique opportunities to help you learn more about yourself. You can be yourself because no one else can be you.