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Controversial essay topics: up-to-date issues to write on

Controversial essays are another name for argumentative essays. These essays usually talk about hot issues in the society. The main thing about such topics is that they have different approaches and opinions. A group of people might strongly agree with the topic while others may negate it. Some people will have slight acceptance for the issue and others may not find it worthy of discussion. Usually these topics are current and have a divergent opinion base. They are the subject of discussion in talk shows, newspapers, magazines, etc. Even though the basic structure of these essays stays, the same but they need to be written in a convincing manner. The writer needs to develop strong arguments based on facts to convince his readers. You cannot compose a controversial essay if you only have opinions. You need to have strong logical arguments and supporting evidence t prove your point.

Topic for controversial essays

These essays can talk about any latest trend in economics, physics, world politics, conspiracy theories and military action. The topic of your essay should be something that can catch attention. If you are struggling with choosing the right topic for your essay then you may have a look at the following topics. These will give you an idea about how your essay should look like

  1. Why Ebola Virus is the most deadly virus ever known? Why is it that there are no medications or cure yet found for the Ebola virus when many human lives are at risk
  2. Obama health care is not as beneficial as you think
  3. Celebrities around the world are paid much higher than what they actually deserve
  4. Only children who are mature enough to take responsibility of their pets should get one
  5. The increasing number of sexual harassment and rape cases in the developed economies is an alarm setter
  6. The FMCG’s and junk food companies cross ethical procedures to gain consumer attraction and make more money
  7. Money is the only driving force behind any individual’s efforts
  8. Sex offenders involved in child abuse should receive a severe punishment like lifetime imprisonment
  9. Sending criminal minds to front line war in Afghanistan is not a very just thing to do
  10. Governments should not impose taxes on basic necessities and daily use items

You can consider these topics while writing a controversial essay