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Where To Get Inspiration For Choosing Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Since instructors have been assigning research papers for many decades, it seems like students would have an easy time choosing a topic that will lend itself to a successful paper. Unfortunately, the problem with research paper topics is that there are only so many topics and too many instructors have been assigning research papers for so long. This makes the topics overused, which is why students have difficulty choosing a new and original topic. The good news is that since the world is constantly changing, new research paper ideas are always developing. All that students need to do find a perfect persuasive research paper topic is to know where to look for inspiration. So, here are a few ideas:

  • Look to your favorite magazines. Whether you love fashion, sports, or fishing, nearly every magazine issue is full of topics that can be argued. You could learn about the latest professional athlete to earn an unbelievable sum of money, or a fashion photographer who treats his subjects horribly, or even a new method of fish finding that takes the guess work out of getting the catch of the day. You might not immediately see the persuasive topic in the magazine feature, but if you ask the question “So what?” you will begin to see where these seemingly innocuous features can become research paper fodder.
  • Search the web. There is nothing wrong with doing a search for research paper topics. You will find millions of sites that can help you. Most will have the same ideas, so you only need to look at a few different sites for inspiration. The topics might not be the latest and most unique, but you might be able to build off of the ideas.
  • Watch the news. Your local news will have updates on local stories that could be researched and argued. You might also learn about events happening around the world, especially if you watch cable news or other national or international news stations. The continual updates provide many inspirational ideas, especially if you try to argue how the events can affect you at the local level and why your neighbors should be concerned.
  • Look at social media. The top social media sites are always bombarded by topics that could become inspiration for a research paper. The question “So what?” does lend itself toward developing a topic and applying an international event to a local eye creates persuasive topics, too.