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Good Finance Thesis Topics

For a student in their last year of school, or about to begin their last year, writing your thesis is going to be a big part of your everyday life and your education. It’s also a big part of your future career; your thesis will be the piece of writing that gets your name out into the financial community, and establishes you as a professional.

Because a thesis is so important, to your educational and professional journey, it needs to reflect your passion for finance, and your best work and writings. The topic that you choose for your thesis is as equally critical, since it will influence every part of your thesis as a whole, and therefore your contribution to your field. Your topic is the very first thing you need to decide on when writing your thesis, and in this article you’ll find some example topics and how you might write about them.

The Impact of Money Supply on Economic Growth

For this thesis, you could choose a particular country and focus on their economy, do a comparison of a few different countries’ economies, or even the world’s economy as a whole. Take into consideration time period as well; you don’t have to do an analysis on current economies and money, but on a historical version of an economy.

Current Dynamics of Account and Exchange Rates

You could choose a particular country for this, or focus on the relationship between two or more countries to examine how they work together based on how their respective currencies are doing. Another idea would be to study a past period of any country or countries, particularly moments of historical significance.

How Trade Impacts Land Locked Countries

There is a definite disadvantage to land locked countries for many different things, but especially where foreign relations, trade and commerce are involved. So many economies worldwide benefit greatly from the oceans, from quick travel by ship to other countries, etc. that land locked countries are denied access to by their locations. You could also examine the country’s finances based on which countries they share borders with.

Stock Market Development

The stock market is a popular hobby for some, a big money maker for others, and for still others, too risky to touch. Talk about how a particular county’s economy depends on or influences the stock market, and how the biggest players keep ahead of the numbers game.