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Opinion Essay Writing Tips: Formulating An Argument

Whenever a student is asked to write an essay the one part that the students find hard to deal with is the formulation of the argument. Most students know the topic that they want to write about or discuss, but how to put across to the reader why the student has taken a particular stance is often the main challenge. An argument is aimed to make the reader understand and accept the position of the writer as a justifiable one. Writing an essay that would convince the reader can therefore be quite a challenge. However, by following simple tips the task can be done.

  1. Learn about the topic
  2. First of all the student should ensure that they select a topic or area that they feel that they are well conversant with and they feel strongly about. It does not matter whether the writer supports the idea or is against the topic. One should come up with points that are both for and against the topic. Then one should consider the advantages and disadvantages of both sides, and identify the side that has the most information that would convince the audience. This means that the writer might have to change the point of view that they held at the start of the exercise.

  3. Take a side
  4. After considering both sides and determining which side the audience or reader is likely to pick, one should select the side. The writer should either select to be for the topic or against it. After deciding on the side, the writer should cast aside any doubt and assertions of qualm. The writer should believe that they are right. They should then get factual evidence through research, to defend their claim. It is important for the writer to familiarize themselves with opposing points so that they may be in a better position to argue out their points.

  5. Be informed
  6. The writer should ensure that they are well informed about the issues that they want to put across. This would mean being well versed about the social, technical, economic, or political aspect of the issues regarding the topic. The writer should determine which aspect of these issues they will focus on, and why they have chosen those specific issues. The writer should anticipate objection from the other side regarding the writer’s stance. Also the writer should identify areas that the two opposing sides can seem to agree on.