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What Role Do The Seven Deadly Sins Play In Today’s Culture?

There are a significant amount of behaviors and decisions that are sculpted from religious documents. One of the elements of religion that people still reference to this day includes the seven deadly sins. This is from the practices of Catholic teachings and was intended to be a description of the behaviors that would land someone a one-way ticket to hell. The seven deadly sins are a documentation of the behaviors one should not engage in: lust, greed, pride, anger, sloth, envy and gluttony. While this group of seven behaviors was designated to be sinful many years ago, they still play a role in modern day society.

People today reference the seven deadly sins to help to design a more productive and positive model for his or her lifestyle. When people are feeling low, or down about his or her life, they tend to reference religion or their personal religious practices to help to bring them out of the slump. The seven deadly sins act as a great reference point for people to gage their behaviors. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins that is intended to help to keep people grounded on how highly they think of themselves. While it is great to have confidence, it is better to allow others to think highly of you instead of you telling others how great you are all of the time. Greed is intended to help people to remember how important it is to share your wealth and success. What fun it is to be at the top all by yourself? Anger is a sin so that you remember to be kind and patient. Gluttony is a sin to remind people to stay healthy and treat their bodies with care. Envy will help to remind people that it is not about comparing what you have to what others have, it is about being thankful for what you have. Finally, sloth is a sin so that people remember to remain active within their network, community, and activities. Each sin is designated for a specific purpose and is still relevant in today’s culture.

The seven deadly sins are still very relevant today. Many people seem to struggle with at least one, or a combination of two or more of the seven deadly sins. It would be easy if everyone could be lazy and gluttonous; however, the seven deadly sins are in place to remind people of the behaviors that they should avoid on a regular basis.