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Fast Food: Feeding Or Killing

Fast food is a growing industry, one which in the 1960s was thought of as the epitome of American superiority and bliss. Following the war people wanted things to return to the way they once were. People were becoming busier than ever and even the middle class had extra money to spend. But where could they spend that money? The fast food industry became the standard location where in expendable income could be used and faster meals could be had. Fast food restaurants and chains were popping up across America in addition to easily prepared meals that could be found in box form at the store. Working mothers to head contributed significantly to the war effort and no longer wanted to return to the kitchen we're starting to break into the world of business and in holding down a job they had less time spent preparing meals. But fast food came to their aid.

In the 1960s convenience style frozen dinners, consumed in front of the television became incredibly popular meal. Americans began to eat more meat than they have ever consumed in the past. Given the sacrifices that had to be made during the war many people felt that having access to any type of food they wanted quickly was the epitome of growth and success for their nation, a nation that was now the world leader.

And yet unfortunately what many Americans failed to realize was that the fast food they thought was feeding themselves and their families quicker was actually killing themselves and their families. There were doctors at the time conducting studies throughout places such as China, studies which were re-created in the United States to verify the results, which indicated that America's high consumption of animal products, particularly high doses of animal proteins from the fast food that we were consuming, lead directly to higher rates of certain types of cancer. The risk of heart disease increased dramatically at the same time that fast food began to spread throughout the nation. In spite of the risks that the fast food consumption brought with it many people turned a blind eye and in fact still do today.

Fast food consumption continues to skyrocket in spite of the fact that it has been directly correlated to hire risks of certain cancers and heart diseases. Rising medical costs from these health concerns has placed a great burden on our nation, and yet the fast food industry continues to thrive.