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Choosing Good Topics For A Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is one where you tell the reader a story about yourself, give them your opinion, tells them your ideas or your response to the subject.  Since this kind of essay is personal, your topic has to be one that you have a personal connection with or something that has happen to you.   This will make your essay better because you will be able to write it for your audience.  Here are some topics that you can use in your narrative essay, you can use these or use them to get ideas.

Narrative Essay Topics

  • If you could go back in time, where would you go and why?  This is a good one because everyone has one thing that they wish they could change from their past or a place in time that they wish they could visit.
  • Is there one thing that you would change about yourself?  Everyone has one thing they wish they could change about themselves but some might not want to change anything about themselves.
  • Is there something that nobody knows about you?  Maybe you can juggle or stick your feet behind your head.  Having a special talent that is unknown to your peers could be a fun and interesting narrative essay.
  • What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?  Think back to every that you have been and all the places that you have seen, now was there something you saw that was the most magnificent thing you have ever seen.  You can use that to write a narrative essay on the sight.
  • What was you favorite toy and why?  As children we have that one toy that we play with everyday and couldn’t imagine living without.  You can write your narrative essay on this toy and you can tell the reader you feelings about this particular toy.
  • What is the first memory you have?  It’s hard to remember everything that has happen in our lives but you usually remember your first memory.  This memory can be a happy one or sad one but this memory will be a great essay.
  • What are five things that you couldn’t live without or what are five thing could you give up?  You can use either one of these questions for your essay.  Thinking about any of these five things would be hard because it’s hard to live without something or to give them up.