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How Does Music Influence Teens

Music can be a huge influence on teenagers. It can change their moods, their minds on different topics and it can even make them think about things in a different way. Teens listen to a lot of music that tells them a lot of different things. Music can tell them what is good and what is bad; who or what to like or not like and even what they should be doing to be considered “real men”. Some teens can simply ignore the bad influences and let the music wash over them, others have a harder time with it. When listening to music you are bound to hear a lot of different things, teens are just more likely to act on the things that they hear.

Many teens are mostly into rap music which can be completely harmless if the teen knows when to listen and when to know that the rapper doesn’t mean for them to act on the words that they hear. Many teens don’t know when to shut out the words however. Some dress and talk differently to try and fit in with idols that they have never met but feel like they know. Some even go to extremes like thinking that guns are a good thing and making money is the only thing that matters in life. Depending on the teen and the music it can have little influence or a lot, and good influences or bad ones. It all depends on the musician and the teen.

Some teens do try to mimic everything that they hear when they listen to their favorite music. That is why more influential rappers and singers need to start making music that has the right influence. Kanye West did it with his hit song “Jesus Walks” and Macklemore did it with his hit song called “Same Love”. Eminem is another rapper who has come to realize that what they say does affect teens and can make them act out in different ways. This is why it is so important that everyone involved from the tens to the parents to the rappers realize that words have an effect and need to be used wisely and processed wisely. More rappers should talk about what really matters while more parents should teach their kids what to take away from what they hear in music today. If everyone works together than maybe music can have all of the right influences with none of the bad ones.