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Basic guides for starters: learning how to write a three paragraph essay

A basic three paragraph essay contains:

  • An introduction
  • A body
  • A conclusion

These are the three parts that create any essay. In some bigger essays the body is larger but no matter the style or type of writing you are doing these three components will be required. The purpose of the introduction and the conclusion are the frame the body of your text. They are meant to introduce the essay topic and then conclude with what was learned in the body.


The introduction is where you offer your thesis. It serves as a map or outline of the journey that the reader will take while reviewing your essay. The introduction also has to grab the attention of the reader. It has to tell the reader what your paper is about and keep them interested enough to move on to the body.


The body of the text is where you present your arguments. You need to transition in the first sentence of the body from the last sentence in your introduction. You need to introduce the subject of this paragraph immediately after. You need to offer any illustrations or examples that emphasis or support your thesis in the body. You need to make sure that everything included in the body of your text relates to the thesis statement that you included in the introduction of your essay. Then you need to make sure the last line of your body paragraph transitions nicely into your conclusion.


The conclusion is where you summarize what you wrote about in the essay. You need to restate your original thesis and the supporting ideas you included in your body in a powerful and original manner. You should use the paragraph as a chance to convince the reader that the information you presented was valid. In this paragraph you can include a restatement of your thesis as well as an allusion to any patterns used in your introduction. You should summarize the point or points you made in the body and then give a final statement.

In this type of essay your topics are not limited by anything other than the length of the paper. In three paragraphs you obviously cannot cover a grand topic like the economic influences that led to the Second World War. So choose something simple and short.