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How to Write a Paper that will impress your Teacher

Teachers assign essays because they think it will stretch your brain. They also want to allow you to prove that the information they’ve taught you has stuck in your head. In order to impress your teacher you need to prove just that. Keep reading for some tips on making a great essay and putting these into practice will help you get a good grade.

What Teachers Want in an Essay

When you’re specifically writing with your teacher in mind as the reader, you need to think about their tastes and opinions. Do they always quote from a favorite book or use examples from certain literary authors? If you notice something that your teacher loves or uses a lot, try to make your writing sound like that or pay homage to it. Your teacher will likely appreciate the extra work and understand the context of your metaphors or allusions, when used appropriately. If you really want to get on their good side, maybe talk with them about what they like seeing in essays. Ask them about what makes the best essay in their mind and how you could write one like that.

Take religious notes and think about your teacher’s ideas often throughout writing your essay. This way, you’ll always have them at the forefront of your mind and can insert them into the entire tone and scope of your essay. Impressing a teacher can be easy with some and very hard with others, depending on the teacher. If you keep to the rules of a good essay in general, however, you should be able to catch their attention.

  • Make sure that you follow all rules and guidelines to a T
  • Check that the formatting, margins, spacing, etc. are right and if they want it printed, print it on good paper with crisp black ink. make sure there are no wrinkles on your essay like you sat on it
  • Is your essay free of spelling and grammar errors? These easy to fix mistakes are where most students lose marks from
  • Did you answer every question you posed and gave a good overall view of the subject in the course of your essay?
  • Are your facts double checked, and your bibliography (if any) properly formatted?
  • Do your research about past essays this teacher has liked, if you can find out