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Biology term papers can be quite tricky

Biology is an incredibly expansive field of science with a wide variety of different subtopics. Students trying to create a term paper in biology may run across two major problems. The first one will be formatting the biology paper so that it is grammatically correct. The other problem will be finding a subject to write about. In the field of biology the topics usually overlap one another so it is not uncommon to find yourself with information from a variety of different subtopics. It is important to stay on track and make sure that the overall paper has a single message or point.

Picking A Topic To Write About

Even though picking a biology topic to write about can be complicated it does not have to be. One of the best ways to pick a topic is to look for the ones that inspire you to write. It is important that you spend some time searching through different topics and researching them. You do not have to do a lot research at this point, only enough to get a feel for the topic. Once you have found five topic that fit your fancy it is now time to do some eliminating. If you have trouble picking your favorite from the five, then you can simply draw a topic from a hat. Whichever you choose will be the topic you write about.

Technical Aspects of a Paper

Depending on the assignments instruction a paper may require citations. For most term paper you can either use MLA Format or APA Format. Both of these formats make use of a different styles of referencing and should be taken into consideration while writing. For the MLA format you should place the author's name and page numbers within parenthesis towards the end of a quote. For example: “The young man decided that it was finally time for him to move on in his life”.(Robertson, 45) APA style requires that you add add the author's last name and the year of publication. However if it is a direct quote then the page number should be added as well. For example (Johnson, 2005, p. 15).

A biology term paper should be well researched and information focus. A good term paper will use a lot of examples and different sources of referencing. This will help the reader follow the author's idea and understand the underlying theme easily.