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A Few Tips On How To Start An Essay

Writing a good essay is not as difficult as you may lead yourself to believe. In fact, once you know the steps of how to properly format a composition, you have already conquered half the battle. The other half of writing a well-written essay is coming up with a topic that will be interesting to your audience. There are a few simple tips that you can follow that will make the process flow as smooth as honey.

Rid Yourself of Fear

First of all, don’t be afraid to tackle this essay head on. Writing is just speaking on paper, and you have a lot of good things to say. Once you conquer your fear of using your pen to express your thoughts, you are well on your way through this process.


It is very rare that writers are able to pick there topic out of thin air, unless they are provided with one of course. If you need help getting started, start writing down words. It doesn’t matter if they make sense. They don’t have to be complete thoughts. Just start writing and brainstorm anything that comes to your mind and ideas that are associated with it. One will click with you, and sometimes it takes a while.

Plan It Out

Essays follow a very specific format, and creating a blank template and filling in what you can in the order that suits you best may help you move through the process. The introduction is usually the hardest to write. But, once you have a thesis statement, you can choose topic sentences that support it and evidence to support your topic sentences. The rest is just filler. Choose your ideas, and the words will come.


Relating to your audience is important. Choose the tone that is appropriate, whether it is writing a casual essay or attempting to persuade, the tone can make all the difference in the world. Use vocabulary that is appropriate, avoid slang terms and text lingo. But don’t overdo it. If you are just picking words out of a thesaurus just to sound smart be careful, because they may be completely out of context and make your writing more difficult to read.

You really have nothing to fear when writing an essay. Just speak your mind, tell a story, convince someone, or explain something just like you would verbally. Take the time to brainstorm a good idea, make sure that you follow a logical format, and make sure you edit it carefully when you are done. Getting the motivation to start an essay is probably the most difficult part of writing it, but once you get going, you may actually enjoy it.