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Creating Interesting 500 Word Essay

When the amount of words you’re allowed to write for an essay is limited to five hundred, chances are you’re writing a college application essay. And even though it’s only five hundred words, it’s definitely stressful. Heading off to college is the opening of a new door in anyone’s life, and college essay application writing is one of the ways to open that door. If you’re applying for the college of your dreams, then this is a big moment for you.

First of all, don’t panic. Take a moment, breathe, and compose yourself. You can do this. If you want your college application essay to attract and keep the attention of readers, here are some ideas:

  • Write about a moment in your personal life that affected the rest of your life as a whole. Avoid talking about your entire life or writing out an autobiography. And remember, the max is five hundred words. Writing an autobiography of yourself probably wouldn’t fit anyway.
  • Thesis statements still apply. Write a strong and convincing thesis statement in the opening paragraph and then build the rest of your essay around it. Again, draw on something personal and why that something affects you as a whole.
  • Remember that the people who are reading these essays have spent all day, if not weeks, reading through piles upon piles of student submissions. The very least you can do is to attempt to make yours stand out. Spice up your essay with some humor, and include a catchy or witty opening line to draw their attention right off the bat.
  • Don’t rush it. This kind of things takes time and requires special care and attention. This essay could very well decide whether or not you enter the college of your dreams, so calm down and let the words naturally come to you instead of forcing them through.
  • Check for spelling and grammar. If your essay is riddled with only a couple of such small mistakes, the college will take that seriously. Proofread your essay multiple times for mistakes.
  • Share with family and friends! Don’t hesitate to share you essay around with people who you know and trust for their input and advice. They’ll pick up on small mistakes that you didn’t, be honest with you about the essay, and give you insight into your work from a new perspective. In addition, they’ll boost your morale, after all, they are your close friends and family.